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About Us

From Music Teacher and WiseCats Creator

Hi, my name is Philippa.

I am a mother of six and grandmother of two.

I developed Wisecats to help with educating my children.

I hope that you will enjoy the programs that our family has created for your family.

What is WiseCats?

WiseCats packages together music, literacy, the alphabet, phonics, American Sign Language, British Sign Language and reading. This combination stimulates, educates and amuses children from 1 + years, through songs, animations, books and simple learning tools. All children, including special needs, will love this program.

As a Frustrated Parent

As a parent, I tried to do the best for my children. When they were not performing to the best of their ability I felt frustrated and  helpless. I knew my children were not dumb but their frustrations at school had them completely convinced that they were. I later found out that they were dyslexic. Only life experience as adults eventually made them realise the obvious, "I am not dumb."

Second time around

I remarried, Andrew and I decided we would have a child.... We had twins!

I decided this time I was going to be actively involved in their education. I was determined to make them confident readers before school. With my new method of teaching, these children found reading easy.

Why I started teaching

I came into contact with a lot of parents who had children with learning difficulties. Seeing the success I was having with my children, my friends started asking me for help. As I am most qualified in music teaching I started experimenting with ways to use music to teach groups of young children basic skills.

I researched all the available material. I couldn't find anything out there that would:

  • cover the essentials
  • be able to be used both in a group and /or individually
  • combine all the learning styles
  • give children the freedom to learn in their own way

Why Music?

As I had a hearing problem and was only just learning to talk when I started school, I lagged behind and found school a real struggle.

Music was my lifeline. It made me feel good as music used my whole body and mind, unlike many other activities. The whole brain lights up. There is nothing quite so soothing than when I'm in the zone and I feel on top of the world.


WiseCats is the result of the lessons the children have taught me. By combining music and movement, letter shape, early phonics, early sight words, mathematics and crafts, WiseCats ensures that all the children get a chance to shine at their own level.

As the same material is used throughout the program, the children are able to access the material in a way that best suits them.

Kinetic Learners: There is room in the program for these learners to bounce around feeling the letters, music and counting. They become involved and engaged

Visual Learners: Love the animations. Their interest is captured when they see the movement of the letters as the letters are traced. They can see the relationship between the pitch of notes as their bodies move up and down with the music.

Auditory Learners: The alliteration of the songs is their idea of heaven. They will repeat it endlessly. The music and rhythms bring learning alive for them.


The WiseCats interactive program ties together music and movement, letter shape, early phonics, early sight words, mathematics and crafts.

WiseCats uses music as a tool to mentally stimulate children, giving them a head start into the world of learning, in no time at all your child will be learning music while mastering the basics of phonics, letter recognition and reading.